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Dr. Lavian provides expert witness services in network communications including data communications, computer networks, network architecture and packet switching. He is an Internet protocols expert including TCP/IP suite, TCP, UDP, IP, MAC Ethernet, 802.3, network protocols, network software applications, data link, network, and transport layers (L2, L3, L4). 

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Unified Telecommunications

The Internet is the fundamental technology of the Information Age; more than any other technology, network communications have changed the way we live, putting the Internet at our fingertips. 

The Networking and Communications areas focus on the architecture, design, and implementation of data networks, communication systems, computer networks, and Web technologies. The Internet is the best example of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to communicate between many data networks, computer networks, and devices. In network communications, packet switching is the underlying mechanism for grouping data transmitted over a digital network into packets.

Dr. Lavian earned his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, in Computer Science, specializing in network communications. His research focus was on network communications, telecommunication systems, Internet protocols, and cloud computing. He has served as a scientist at UC Berkeley’s RAD Lab, and as a Technical Co-Chair for IEEE Interconnects at Stanford University.

Dr. Lavian spent over ten years working at Nortel Networks’ Research Labs, where he successfully spearheaded the development of the first network resource-scheduling service for Grid computing. He was the first to demonstrate the dynamic transatlantic allocation of 10Gbs Lambdas as a grid service, created the first wire-speed active network device on commercial hardware, and is a Senior Member of IEEE. He is an active member of ACM and IEEE-CNSV.

Network Communications Technologies

Dr. Lavian has extensive experience with network communications, computer networking, and data communications components which are part of the World Wide Web and the Internet architecture. He is intimately familiar with the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) and has a proficiency in networking and communications technologies, including:

Expert Witness Services

Dr. Lavian offers expert witness services in patent litigation cases, including expert testimony, expert witness reports, and declarations involving network communications, computer networks, and data communications. Dr. Lavian provides courtroom presence, clear testimony, and an ability to effectively distill complex concepts into understandable basics and commonsense.

As an expert in Network Communications, Dr. Lavian offers expert witness services in patent litigation cases, including:

Telecommunications and Unified Communications – Past Expert Witness Cases:

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Desmarais, LLP
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Irell & Manella
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Cisco Systems
Palo Alto Networks
Walker Digital

A list of selected Publications, Presentations, and Patents related to telecommunications and unified communications technologies can be found here.

Selected Scientific Publications in Network Communications

Selected patents in network communications
Dr. Lavian has invented over 120 patents. Selected patents in the field of communication networks are listed below:
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Dr. Lavian provides expert witness services to his clients in the field of communication networks.