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Expert testimony services for Routing and Switching Patent Litigation

Dr. Lavian offers expert witness services in patent litigation cases, including expert testimony, expert witness reports and declarations, and patent analysis involving routing, switching, and communication equipment architectures and design. Dr. Lavian provides courtroom presence, clear testimony, and an ability to effectively distill complex concepts into understandable basics and commonsense.
Dr. Lavian has over 30 years of research and hands-on experience in telecommunications, network communications, and Internet technologies. For over ten years, he served as a principal scientist, architect, and senior software engineer at Nortel Networks. He designed software for switches, routers, and network communications equipment and developed systems and architectures for managing them. Similarly, his doctorate in computer science from UC Berkeley focused on network communications.
Routing and switching are a natural fit for Dr. Lavian’s expert witness practice. Analyzing packet switching and routing behaviors is an integral part of network architectures patent litigation cases. There is a need to understand networking principles, communication systems, network communication equipment architecture, routing algorithms, software, and hardware.
He has both the research and development background to deftly analyze and review the technical aspects of routing and switching for patent validity or infringement, and if required, in the broader contexts of network communications systems, and the Internet architecture and protocols.

Expert Witness Services

As an expert in routing, switching, and network communications equipment architectures, Dr. Lavian offers expert witness services in patent litigation cases, including:

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