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The Internet and the World Wide Web have transformed the way we live, touching every part of our lives, including search engines, streaming, social media, communications, social media, e-commerce, and banking. Smartphones have changed the way that we consume information, connect to other applications, and communicate with others.
Dr. Lavian offers expert witness services in patent litigation cases, including expert testimony, expert witness reports and declarations, and patent analysis involving Telecommunications, VoIP, SIP, and streaming media. Dr. Lavian provides courtroom presence, clear testimony, and an ability to effectively distill complex concepts into understandable basics and commonsense.
Dr. Lavian’s academic background and practical industry experience provide him with a profound depth and breadth of knowledge regarding telecommunications, network communicators, and unified communications. He is highly experienced in different aspects of the relationships between telecommunication and Internet Protocols (TCP/IP), wireless applications, and their underlying communications service architectures, designs, and implementations.
In recent years, with support from UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck startup accelerator, Dr. Lavian has led a development team in the innovation of a mobile app and backend architecture that converts interactive voice response (IVR) into a Google-like cloud-based search experience. This solution is based on PBX call control and patented IVR crawling using Asterisk, SIP, and VoIP.

Telecommunications and Unified Communications Technologies

Dr. Lavian has extensive experience with telecommunications components which are part of the Internet architecture. He is intimately familiar with the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) and has a proficiency in networking and communications technologies, including:

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As an expert in telecommunications, VoIP, and unified communications, Dr. Lavian offers expert witness services in patent litigation cases, including:
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