Expert testimony services for mobile and wireless patent litigation

Mobile wireless devices have taken the world by storm. There are billions of mobile and fixed devices deployed using wireless technologies. As a mobile wireless expert, Dr. Lavian has applied academic research and hands-on industry experience into a deeply skilled mobile wireless expert witness practice, blending technical knowledge of patent issues and subject matter expertise. His background provides him with a profound depth and breadth of knowledge regarding mobile wireless systems, devices, and networks. Dr. Lavian is highly experienced in many aspects of the relationships between wireless applications and their underlying communications service architectures, designs, and implementations.

Expert Witness Services

Dr. Lavian has applied his research and background to a deeply skilled expert witness practice, blending technical knowledge of patent issues. He offers expert witness services for patent litigation in the fields of mobile and wireless technologies, including:

  • Expert testimony in United States District Courts, United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), International Trade Commission (ITC), and other courts across the United States and Canada.
  • Testimony before USPTO PTAB, including Inter partes review (IPR), Covered Business Method (CBM), Post Grant Review (PGR), Ex-Parte Re-Examination, and PTO Interference.
  • Testimony at depositions, oral hearings, and trials.
  • Technology education for claim constructions and Markman hearings.
  • Expert reports and declarations, including infringement analysis, validity analysis, claim terms constructions, and interpretations.
  • Articulation of technical material for both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Product and technology analysis related to patent portfolios, claim charts, prior art investigation, and patentability research.
  • Mobile device control, WAN to wireless LAN gateway, wireless LAN gateway (IPRs).

Past Mobile and Wireless Expert Witness Services:

  • Wireless and communications access control (Testified before a judge in a Canadian court).
  • Bluetooth, KVM switch architectures (Federal court, depositions, testimony before a judge and jury).
  • Wireless and communications access control (Expert declarations Federal court).
  • Wireless technologies, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/n, MIMO (Research, analysis, and an expert report).
  • Wi-Fi tethering in broadband cellular data (IPR, expert witness reports).
  • Leading mobile wireless products and technologies (Prior art search and invalidity claim charts).
  • Web reservation over Internet and database consistency covering multiple reservation instances (IPR and depositions).
  • Network management patents (IPR, CBM, and claim construction reports and testimony).
  • Wireless technologies, Wi-Fi, 802.11, WLAN (Research, investigation, analysis, and an expert report).
  • VoIP, cellphone short messages, and chat app patents (IPR, CBM, depositions).
  • Instant VoIP messaging using mobile wireless devices (IPR, CBM, depositions).
  • Improving communication between mobile devices and base stations (IPR).

Scientific Publications – Mobile Wireless

Scientific publications co-authored by Dr. Lavian on the subject of communication networks:

  • The SAHARA Model for Service Composition Across Multiple Providers Raman B.; Agarwal S.; Chen Y.; Caesar M.; Cui W.; Lai K.; Lavian T.; Machiraju S.; Mao Z. M.; Porter G.; Roscoe T.; Subramanian L.; Suzuki T.; Zhuang S.; Joseph A. D.; Katz Y.H.; Stoica I.; Proceedings of the First International Conference on Pervasive Computing. ACM Pervasive 2002, pp. 1-14

Dr. Lavian provides expert witness services to his clients in the area of mobile wireless technologies.

Selected Law Firm Clients (Mobile Wireless cases)

  • Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner
  • Perkins Coie
  • Cooley
  • McGuireWoods
  • McKool Smith
  • Kenyon & Kenyon
  • Foley & Lardner
  • Ropes & Gray

Selected Corporate Clients (Mobile Wireless cases)

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Huawei and RPX
  • LG
  • T-Mobile
  • Facebook/Instagram
  • Facebook/WhatsApp
  • Ericsson
  • Motorola Mobility