Embodiments of the present invention provide a system for enhancing reliability in computation of ratings provided by a user over a social network.

The system comprises of a processor and a memory coupled to the processor. The memory further comprises a rater score database, a satisfaction database, a social network registration database, a user profile database, and a plurality of instruction executable by the processor. Said instructions in the memory are enabled to accept a message from at least one user wherein said message comprises a satisfaction score associated with at least one service provider and to retrieve a rater score associated with said at least one user from said rater score database. Further, the memory includes instructions in order to compute a new satisfaction score based on said rater score and said satisfaction score and update said satisfaction database to include said new satisfaction score. In a similar manner, the new satisfaction score can be computed based upon the information stored in the social network registration database and user profile database.

Time variant rating system and method thereof
Time variant rating system and method thereof

Time variant rating system and method thereof

An Inventor: Dr. Tal Lavian


The invention relates to social networking applications and more specifically, the invention relates to enhancing reliability of ratings provided to users in a social network by means of time dynamics.



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