US 20180146090 IVR menu to a user to enable the user to select an option

Embodiments of the present invention provide a system for enhancing user interface with vendors (service providers). The system may provide visual IVR menu to a user to enable the user to select an option there from. Further, the system may include a call-parking module communicably coupled to an application (at a user device) through the internet and configured for guiding the application based on a user request to perform at least one of: a) dialing a telephone number corresponding to the user request, the user request being determined based on a user selection from a visual IVR menu corresponding to the telephone number; b) inputting one or more required DTMF inputs at particular intervals; and c) connecting a user corresponding to the user device with the selected option corresponding to the IVR or on detection of human voice.
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20130022191 Generating an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) database

Embodiments of the invention provide a system for generating an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) database, the system comprising a processor and a memory coupled to the processor. The memory comprising a list of telephone numbers associated with one or more destinations implementing IVR menus, wherein the one or more destinations are grouped based on a plurality of categories of the IVR menus. Further the memory includes instructions executable by said processor for automatically communicating with the one of more destinations, and receiving at least one customization record from said at least one destination to store in the IVR database.