Unified Communications Expert Witness Services

Dr. Lavian is a unified communications expert with extensive academic and industry experience. He has applied his industry expertise and technical abilities to a skilled unified communications expert practice, combined with related fields of expertise including routing and switching, Internet and cloud, and mobile wireless. Dr. Lavian has both the academic background as well as industry experience to analyze and review the technical aspects of unified communications for patent validity and infringement.

In particular, Dr. Lavian is an expert on public switched telephone network (PSTN) architecture and circuit switching. He also commands expert knowledge of Internet protocols, and more specifically how these support integrations between the PSTN and IP telephony. He has deep academic knowledge and hands-on experience designing and implementing solutions using: VoIP, SIP, RTP, SS7, video/audio conferencing, streaming media, SMS, instant messaging (chat), presence, e-mail, SMTP, POP, codecs (including but not limited to G.711. G.722, G.729), H.323, MGCP, and RTP.

Dr. Lavian earned a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in Computer Science where he researched and specialized in communication networks, telecommunication systems, Internet protocols and cloud computing. As part of his most recent work in the industry (2016-2018), out of UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck startup accelerator, Dr. Lavian led a team which developed a mobile app and backend architecture that converts interactive voice response into a cloud-based search experience, much like that provided by Google. This solution is based on PBX call control and patented IVR crawling using Asterisk, SIP, and VoIP which he invented between 2010 and 2016.

Selected Scientific Publications and Presentations on Unified Communications

Dr. Lavian provides expert witness services to his clients in the area of unified communications.