US 5832497 Electronic automated information exchange and management system

ABSTRACT – A computer implemented system is provided in order to manage the exchange of information through two databases. The system is particularly useful for an employment recruitment environment or other environments which require an exchange between individuals in two or more categories such as job applicants and employers. According to the preferred configuration, the system manages a database of job postings. Each posting is stored in a job record, and the system is capable of searching on a plurality of keys in the job record to identify a job record suitable to a particular applicant. The system then facilitates creation of a resume record and designation of the resume record for an accessible resume base or a selected job record. Finally, the system permits query of a resume base in order to identify recruitment candidates for job positions.


The invention relates to a computer implemented system for advertising and accepting submissions in response to such advertisements. More particularly, the invention relates to a system for posting job advertisements which includes a search mechanism and which allows applicants to submit, via on-line access, resumes and apply for the jobs. The system may advantageously be accessible within a network, such as a local area network, a wide area network, or the Internet, in order to permit on-line access to a jobs database through a search engine; and to manage the application for such jobs and submission of resumes, application letters and other relevant information.


The Internet is a worldwide system of connected computer networks. The Internet enables computers of all kinds to share services and to communicate directly, as if they were part of one giant seamless global computing machine. The Internet is currently configured to join together large commercial communications services as well as thousands of university, government and corporate computer networks and other computers. Communications over the Internet is accomplished by defined communication protocols. The World Wide Web is a subset of the Internet which uses a file transfer program (“FTP”) protocol to permit communication between sites. Such communication may be interactive and is referred to as on-line.

There are currently on-line classified advertisement systems which are accessible through the World Wide Web. For example, the San Jose Mercury News places classified advertisements in electronic format on a computer system accessible over the World Wide Web. There have been numerous bulletin board web sites which post job information. These web sites generally post a description of a position and request a response either via an electronic mail address or a postal address. Heretofore, there has not been available a comprehensive system for managing classified advertisements with an effective search engine; a secured resume management facility; accessible resume database; and a targeted resume submission system.


It is an object of invention to provide a computer implemented system for posting and searching through job advertisements. It is a further object of the invention to provide an on-line resume management system. It is a further object of the invention to provide an on-line resume submission system. It is a further object of the invention to provide a computer implemented system to assist in human resources functions. It is a further object of the invention to provide a computer implemented system which links background information, in electronically readable memory, concerning advertisers to an electronic advertisement also stored in memory. It is a further object of the invention to provide an iterative job search engine. It is a further object of the invention to provide an on-line system for collecting resume information and job application information. It is a further object of the invention to provide an on-line job and resume search engine.

The invention may be implemented in a computer system whose actions are directed by a computer program configured as a multiple database information exchange management system. The system includes a first database stored in electronically readable memory (resume base) and a second database store in electronically readable memory (job base). The system also includes a communication port suitable for transmitting and receiving data and instructions in the form of electrical signals, to and from remote computers and a database manager for creating and revising records of the first and second databases. The system may also include an iterative database query engine connected to the memory and a process controller connected to the database manager, the iterative data base query engine and the communication port. An accounting system may also be provided. The job base records may contain a plurality of search key fields. The iterative database query engine may include means for searching on a plurality of search key fields of a database for satisfaction of one or more conditions and means for reporting all variables in said search key fields of records which satisfy the search conditions. The search key fields may restrict the possible entries to a predetermined set of entries. The system may also include means for relating a record of the first database to a record of the second database by storing job record identification in a relation field of a resume record. Alternatively, the relation may be accomplished by storing a resume record identification in a relation field of a job record or creating an entry in a relation table, stored in electronically readable memory, wherein the relation entry includes identification of a resume record and a job record.

Traditional media such as newspaper and trade journal advertisements do not supply the tools necessary for recruiting qualified candidates in the increasingly competitive environment driven by the technological advances of the last two decades. The Internet provides a new media that is accessible by individuals in a manner which permits rapid response and easy interaction. A system according to the invention will operate to lead a candidate through certain steps and parameters to a qualified job search by location, company, discipline, industry, and job titles. According to the invention, jobs may be identified by a string of parameters which may be used to effectively allow iterative searching and identification of suitable jobs even in extremely large job databases. According to the invention, the job base includes parameters which permit a search engine to select parameter choices. Establishing certain parameters such as job discipline or job location permits narrowing an extremely large database to a more manageable size. Once a job opening is selected, a searcher may submit an on-line application by submitting a prestored resume, revising a prestored resume, or creating a new resume on-line.

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