Served as an expert in patent cases

Dr. Laivan is an expert in the fields of network communications and telecommunications. He has provided expert witness testimony in patent cases involving over 140 patents, written expert reports, and testified in over 80 depositions.

He has testified in Federal courts, before judges and juries, USPTO PTAB IPR, and the ITC. In addition to his expertise in patent cases, Dr. Lavian provides expert testimony and litigation support services in network communications and telecommunications.

He has testified in various courts, including the United States District Court, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the International Trade Commission (ITC), and other courts in the United States and Canada. He has also served as an expert witness in USPTO PTAB proceedings, including Inter partes reviews (IPRs), Covered Business Method (CBM) reviews, Post Grant Reviews (PGRs), Ex-Parte Re-Examinations, and PTO Interferences.

Dr. Laivan is skilled in providing technical education for claim constructions and Markman hearings and is experienced in writing expert reports that include analyses, claim term definitions, and claim construction. He has a talent for making complex technical information accessible to audiences with varying technical expertise. He has provided product and technical analyses related to patent portfolios, claim charts, prior art investigations, and patentability research.

These cases involved leading companies, including Amazon, LinkedIn, Avaya, Netflix, T-Mobile, ZTE, AT&T, Ericsson, Sprint, Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Polycom, Motorola, HP, LG, WhatsApp, Instagram, Microsoft, Google, Huawei, Facebook, Samsung, and Apple. Below is a list of cases prosecuted along with expert reports, testified, and deposed.

Telecommunications and Network Communications Expert Witness Services

In telecommunications and network communications, having a seasoned expert witness is invaluable. This domain’s complexity and rapid evolution demand a comprehensive understanding, which Dr. Lavian brings to the table.

Telecommunications Expert Witness

Dr. Lavian’s grasp of the telecommunications domain is immense. His expertise is sought-after in scenarios involving traditional systems like PSTN and innovative technologies like VoIP and wireless communications.

Network Communications Expert Witness

Network communications play a pivotal role as the world delves deeper into the digital era. Dr. Lavian offers a unique blend of knowledge and experience, focusing on intricate data exchange details between devices and crucial protocols such as TCP/IP.

Computer Network Expert Witness

In our interconnected age, Dr. Lavian’s insights into local and wide area networks, LANs, and WANs, respectively, position him as a trusted authority on the subject, making his input crucial in legal proceedings.

Internet Protocols Expert Witness

The backbone of the internet operates on protocols. Dr. Lavian’s expertise, especially in the domain of TCP/IP, establishes him as a sought-after expert witness for cases revolving around structured and efficient data transmission.

Internet and Web Expert Witness

Navigating the vast expanse of the web requires deep knowledge. Dr. Lavian, with his understanding of web services, applications, and underlying technologies, offers invaluable insights as an Internet and web expert witness.

Routing and Switching Expert Witness

Complex mechanisms of routing and switching govern data traversing the web. Dr. Lavian’s profound understanding of this area, focusing on data packets and their optimal paths, is crucial in related litigations.

VoIP Expert Witness

The transformative shift to VoIP in communication demands experts who understand its nuances. Dr. Lavian’s mastery of VoIP technologies, such as SIP and RTP, qualifies him as a trusted expert witness in this sector.

Mobile Wireless Expert Witness

In the dynamic world of mobile wireless, Dr. Lavian’s expertise is vast. His insights are invaluable in courtrooms, from cellular communications to advanced wireless techs like Wi-Fi and WLAN.

Streaming Media Expert Witness

With the surge in multimedia content consumption via streaming, Dr. Lavian’s proficiency in understanding underlying technologies and challenges of streaming platforms becomes paramount.

Network Systems Expert Witness

The complex infrastructures of our digital world necessitate an expert who comprehends their design and pitfalls. Dr. Lavian’s perspective on network systems is an asset to any litigation.

LAN/WAN Expert Witness

Dr. Lavian’s extensive experience with LAN/WAN technologies, spanning local to expansive geographical networks, makes him a top expert witness in this domain.

Cloud Computing Expert Witness

With the shift toward cloud solutions, Dr. Lavian’s deep understanding of cloud infrastructures and associated security implications is invaluable.

Cellular Technology Expert Witness

From the inception of mobile communication to modern cellular networks, Dr. Lavian’s expertise stands out, shedding light on architectures, protocols, and strategies.

Web Technologies and Applications Expert Witness

Dr. Lavian’s deep-rooted knowledge of web technologies, from both front-end and back-end perspectives, positions him as a reliable expert witness in this evolving domain.

Internet Technology Patents Expert Witness

The intricate world of internet technology patents requires an expert like Dr. Lavian, who brings technological depth and legal insights.

Underlay Networks and Protocols Expert Witness

Focusing on the essential foundational layers, Dr. Lavian’s role in ensuring optimal design and management of underlay networks is indispensable.

Telecommunication and Network Management Expert Witness

Efficient systems operation and management are vital. Dr. Lavian’s insights into telecommunications and network management uphold best practices, ensuring smooth operations.

A list of cases in which he wrote expert reports, offered depositions or testimony