Network Communications Expert

Telecommunications, Network Communications, TCP/IP protocol suite, mobile wireless

Dr. Lavian is a technologist, a scientist and an educator with over 30 years of academic and industry experience. He has co-authored over 25 scientific publications, journal articles, and peer-reviewed papers. Dr. Lavian served as an expert in network communications, telecommunications, Internet protocols, and mobile wireless technologies. He is a named inventor of over 120 issued and filed patents.

Areas of Expertise

  • Communication networks: Internet protocols; TCP/IP suite, TCP, UDP, IP, Ethernet, 802.3, network protocols, network software applications, data link, network, and transport layers (L2, L3, L4), data center network architecture
  • Mobile wireless: Wi-Fi, 802.11 (a/b/g/n/ac), MAC, PHY, OFDM, DSSS, Wireless LAN (WLAN). Cellular systems, GSM, LTE, CDMA, FDMA, TDMA, SMS, instant messaging (chat), mobile devices, smartphone
  • Internet/cloud: Web applications, HTTP, e-mail, SMTP, POP, IMAP, Java, C/C++, file transfer FTP, client-server, cloud computing, distributed computing
  • Routing/switching: LAN, WAN, VPN, routing protocols, RIP, BGP, MPLS, OSPF, multicast, DNS, QoS, switching, packet switching, network infrastructure, network communication architectures
  • Unified Communications: PSTN, circuit switching, IP telephony, VoIP, SIP, RTP, SS7, optical networks, carrier Ethernet, SONET, SDH, WDM, TDM, video/audio conferencing, streaming media.

Network Communications and Mobile wireless Expert Witness

Dr. Lavian is a network communications and telecommunications expert witness who provides litigation and technology support in patent litigation. He served as an expert in over 60 patent-related cases. Dr. Lavian wrote expert reports and testified in depositions, in courts and in front of a jury. He testified in Federal courts, in USPTO PTAB IPRs, and in the ITC. Dr. Lavian was retained as an expert in cases involving leading companies, including: Google, Amazon, Motorola, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Huawei, HP, T-Mobile, Ericsson, LG, Facebook, Samsung and Apple.

As an experienced educator, he is able simplify and explain complex technologies in a format that juries, judges, and lawyers can understand. He provides expert research, analysis, reporting, and testimony. Some of the litigation services include:

  • Patent Prior-art research
  • Patent Claim Charts
  • Claim interpretation and construction
  • Patent Infringement and invalidity analysis
  • Anticipation, Obviousness, and Section 101 / Alice
  • Indefiniteness, Means-Plus-Function
  • Writing expert reports
  • Depositions and live testimonies
  • Expert Opinion and Rebuttal Reports
  • Inter Partes Reviews (IPRs)
  • Covered Business Method (CBM) Reviews
  • Federal Court and ITC


  • Ph.D., Computer Science specializing in networking and communications, UC Berkeley
  • M.Sc., Electrical Engineering, Tel Aviv University
  • B.Sc., Mathematics and Computer Science, Tel Aviv University