Hoang D.B.; T. Lavian; The 4th Workshop on the Internet, Telecommunications and Signal Processing, WITSP 2005, December 19-21, 2005, Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Circuit switching and packet switching have been developed to achieve statistical gain in sharing transmission bandwidth of a “passive” transport network whereby voice and data are transported end-to-end without content modifications by the network. This paper promotes a radical switching technology that enables the network to transport as well as process/transform its contents. in this paper Ire propose “information switching” as a technology for the juture generation internet that embeds networks with intelligence that is necessary to build trulv cognitive information processing systems. Bv “cognitive information processing” we mean that network elements can intelligently and selectively deliver relevant, filtered, pre-processed in/ormation to the desired destinations. Masses of raw data can be processed and primed, on-the-move to its destination, by the network into a form that is suitable for human interaction and decision. A plausible information switching architecture that makes use of advances in in/ormation, computer, and communication technologies is also presented.