Travostino F.; Keates R.; Lavian T.; Monga I.; Schofield B.; Nortel Technical Journal, February 2005, pp. 23-26.

Intelligent networking and the ability for applications to more effectively use all of the network’s capability, rather than just the transport “pipe,” have been elusive. Until now. Nortel has developed a proof-of-concept

software capability – service-mediation “middleware” called the Dynamic Resource Allocation Controller (DRAC) – that runs on any Java platform and opens up the network to applications with proper credentials, making available all of the properties of a converged network, including service topology, time-of-day reservations, and interdomain connectivity options. With a more open network, applications can directly provision and invoke services, with no need for operator involvement or point-and-click sessions. In its first real-world demonstrations in large research networks, DRAC is showing it can improve user satisfaction while reducing network operations and investment costs.