Raman B.; Agarwal S.; Chen Y.; Caesar M.; Cui W.; Lai K.; Lavian T.; Machiraju S.; Mao Z. M.; Porter G.; Roscoe T.; Subramanian L.; Suzuki T.; Zhuang S.; Joseph A. D.; Katz Y.H.; Stoica I.; Proceedings of the First International Conference on Pervasive Computing. ACM Pervasive 2002, pp. 1 – 14.

Services are capabilities that enable applications and are of crucial importance to pervasive computing in next-generation networks. Service Composition is the construction of complex services from primitive ones; thus enabling rapid and flexible creation of new services. The presence of multiple independent service providers poses new and significant challenges. Managing trust across providers and verifying the performance of the components in composition become essential issues. Adapting the composed service to network and user dynamics by choosing service providers and instances is yet another challenge. In SAHARA, we are developing a comprehensive architecture for the creation, placement, and management of services for composition across independent providers. In this paper, we present a layered reference model for composition based on a classification of different kinds of composition. We then discuss the different overarching mechanisms necessary for the successful deployment of such an architecture through a variety of case-studies involving composition.