Scientist, educator, and technologist with 30 years of academic and industry experience; co-authored over 25 scientific publications, journal articles, and peer-reviewed papers; named inventor of over 120 issued and filed patents; Sutardja fellow and lecturer at UC Berkeley Engineering-Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SCET).

Dr. Lavian is an expert in network communications, telecommunications, Internet protocols, and mobile wireless technologies including:

  • Communication networks: Internet protocols; TCP/IP suite; TCP; UDP; IP; Ethernet; network protocols; network software; data link, network, and transport layers (L2, L3, L4), data center network architecture
  • • Internet software: Internet software applications; distributed computing; cloud computing; Web applications; FTP; HTTP; Java; client-server; file transfer
  • • Routing/switching: LAN; WAN; VPN; routing protocols; RIP; BGP; MPLS; OSPF; IS-IS; multicast, DNS; QoS; switching; packet switching; network infrastructure; network communication architectures
  • • Mobile wireless: wireless LAN; 802.11; cellular systems; mobile devices; smartphone technologies
  • • Unified Communications: PSTN, circuit switching, IP telephony, VoIP, SIP, SS7, video and audio conferencing, streaming media, e-mail, instant messaging (chat)

Dr. Lavian spent eleven years working at Nortel Research Labs, where he created and chaired Nortel Networks’ EDN Patent Committee. As the principal investigator, he led three US Department of Defense (DARPA) projects.